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Elutron® delivers unique jacketed construction, with 360o interstitial monitoring.  It is Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (U.L.) tested for corrosion resistance and listed for secondary containment of all motor vehicle fuels, including MTBE and ETBE.  Elutron® provides optimal secondary containment in underground tanks.

Product Features

A. FRP laminate maintains a solid, seamless integrity when subjected to ambient temperature extremes and does not become brittle or soft below ground.

B. Annodic foil provides minimum clearance, free flowing, 360o interstice.  The foil forms a cathodic protection system around the primary fuel tank in the event of water entry

C. Steel tube provides access to monitor interstitial space.

D. Flat heads, combined with reduced back-fill set-backs, result in 25-30% less back-fill material needs compared to the same size FRP tanks.

E. Primary welded steel tank is manufactured to U.L. Listing requirements.  It provides long term structural safety incorporating compatibility to a broad range of products.


F. Steel monitor access tube is welded liquid tight into primary steel tank. Threaded coupling connection seals interstitial monitor.

G. Non-corroding collar (optional) provides solid attachments for piping containment sumps.