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  • Fireguard®'s secondary containment can be tightness tested on-site with standard testing procedures!
  • Fireguard®'s exterior steel wall provides superior weatherability and low-cost maintenance.  Unlike concrete exterior vaulted tanks, cracking or spalling will never be a problem!
  • Firguard®'s unique light-weight thermal insulating concrete material is 75% lighter than standard high yield concretes.
    Shipping, installation and relocation costs are greatly reduced!
  • 30 year warranty is standard with every Fireguard®.


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  • Significantly more size options than most competitive brands.
  • Capacities range from 186 to
     50,000 gallons.
  • Cylindrical or rectangular design
  • Compartmentalized configurations
  • Ballistics resistant
  • Pad/Foundation designs available for seismic zones 1 through 4.